Weight Loss Testimonial

Hypnosis is one of the most effective treatment methods to quickly gain results from fears like fear of flying, driving, public speaking and more. Our treatment system goes right to the source of the issue, this is called the initial sensitizing event… ISE. My aim is to have you free of your fears within a steady time, that you can return to a fluid and productive life.

Fortune Jones
Toronto, Canada
Weight Management Program
Resistance, fear which causes self appointed excuses, low self concept, laziness, lack of discipline and lack of consistency are things that hold us back from our highest self. I was a combination of all and it dangerously held me back in my life. My higher self kept calling me to grow but I just couldn’t get passed the barriers that I was in total control to break. Brooke helped me with a pragmatic plan which first consisted of visualizing my higher self through hypnosis. She then listened carefully to what I had saw and helped me step by step in our 8 week weight loss program to align me to the woman I am becoming. Through her coaching, I could see my desired body, lifestyle and power which opened a new door to identifying and creating my highest self concept. Brooke tracked my measurements and stats with pictures which was very hard for me because I didn’t like how I looked, but I felt so comfortable with Brooke because she is totally non judgemental. 
I highly recommend Brooke because she’s very patient,  and honest which I really needed to get through the excuses I kept making for myself, resourceful as she kept sending material that what was in the program for me to keep being inspired and motivated, realistic because I kept putting unrealistic timelines on my goals which she helped me get a grip on what was doable and safe, smart because she knows about different body types, health issues, and nutrition values and empowering, she’s all about women’s health especially for women of colour. Thank you so much Brooke, I can see much more clearly and have everything I need to step into my size 10, 32 waist outcome!
Satisfied Client

Stress Management Testimonial

I am so happy that I have done these sessions with Brooke, honestly this has been so helpful!. We went through a few methods such as, Hypnosis and mindset coaching for healing. I recently had an operation and this really had helped with getting my mind right, so that I can heal faster and feel good in my body. We also have covered stress management and self-concept development. For a while I have been going to counselling and therapy but, I feel like I have actually found the right help, that will actually make a difference to my life. Thank you so much and I look forward to future sessions!. Highly Recommended 🙂

London, UK
Stress Management Program



Today I’d like to make a shout out to Brooke Robitaille. Brooke owns New Mind Hypnosis, I was a little skeptical at the beginning on how hypnosis could actually help me. I am very happy and impressed with myself and Brooke. I can see the positive changes in me and my life by taking the stress management program.

Having children under the age of 10 starting a new business, a husband and a home is stressful and itself. We have to continually work and be available for everyone.

Brooke doesn’t take away the stress from you but she will help you compartmentalize it and teach you how to release it.

Thank you so much Brooke I am so excited and really looking forward to my next program with you.

Monica Souror
Point-Claire, Montreal
Stress Management Program



New Mind Hypnosis helped me reach goals that I’ve had for many years. The hypnosis program helped me to develop a greater sense of self-awareness, recognize thought patterns that had become difficult to avoid and gradually bring them under control. There has been a definite change- a very positive one- after 8 weeks in the program. As a result, I am less anxious, more productive and more decisive in personal and professional settings.

Villeray, Montreal
Stress Management Program

Relationships and Love Management

I came to Brooke at New Mind Hypnosis in Montréal. I wanted to let go of specific emotional ties that were holding me back from exploiting my potential. She made me feel comfortable with the process and walked me through the steps. She helped me pinpoint the specific issues to be worked on and provided me with a clear course of action on changing my self-concept and to excell in all challenged areas.

It’s a no-brainer, you literally have nothing to lose but everything to gain! 

5++ stars for New Mind Hypnosis.

Vlad P.
South Shore, QC
Self-Concept and Relationships


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